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How to Get Started

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Want to become an internet marketer?

The first thing you will need is a hosting package so you can at least host a simple site or blog, so you have a base to work and expand from, even if you are only hosting squeeze pages for your affiliate offers. You will see that I have hosted this particular page on Bravenet and I have found Bravenet really useful for hosting single page sites ( I have many different landing pages)  or when I need to set up something really quickly because it has great templates that you just alter to suit your purposes. Getting started with Bravenet is quick and easy. Join free and  explore the multiple services they have to offer  

UPDATE - I can now offer a hosting package for just $2.50 per month - unlimited bandwidth and webspace - plus when you sign up with me, I will help you set up your Wordpress site.  To find out more go straight to  

If you don't need hosting, you will need  an autoresponder so that you can collect your leads and build your potential  customer  list. You then have the opportunity to build a relationship with that list by sending them valuable information and free products.This is very important because your list will become a valuable resource as potential customers become buyers.

The autoresponder I now use is GetResponse   and I prefer it to Aweber. You can get a month's free trial with GetResponse and I can help you if you get stuck, we can always chat on skype if necessary or compare notes by email. Click here to get your free trial  GetResponse

If you are on a tight budget, you can try European Safelist which offers a good autoresponder from just $3 per month - click the banner below

or Team Elite Home Businesses offer a great system which has multiple autoresponders, loads of traffic sources and promo codes, squeeze pages, downline builder and more. For just  $7  monthly, you get a system that could become your complete business as the commissions are very good. Click here

So next you need something to sell, unless you are going to stick with Team Elite Home Businesses and just promote that system. You could try selling something really cheap , like this $2 opportunity. It is really pretty good! It includes generator software, traffic sources & promo codes, plus lots  of ebooks, many with Master Reseller Rights. Sell again and again for 100% commissions! Click here:  2 dollar site


Now, whatever business you are in, IBO Toolbox can help you. It is free to join – and stays free – and is a great marketing and networking platform. It will help with the SEO of any site in  any niche through the press release tool. Also there is a network of associated site and IBO URL gives you a great tracking toolbar that shows your profile, press releases and more so it is absolutely great for branding. Join up now and get free advertising too - click on the banner below.

If you want to set up a blog - really quickly in 15 minutes - you can join Instant Blog Subscribers for free and get 200 subscribers straight away. Click here: Link

And don't forget to join my ad exchange site below. As well as a free ad package, I'll give you an extra 5 free solo ads!

And when you are ready to make your own product, I can help you. The easiest way is to get some Private Labels Rights Product (PLR) and tweak or rewrite it to make it your own. You can use it to make into articles, blog post, audios, videos, lead magnets and  also use it to make content for a membership site. I can make new covers for you too!

Have a look at my own PLR shop

*** Then, when you are all set up  with your own website and ready to go, you will need to spread the word about your site. Here is one easy way of doing that: SEO Traffic Blast